Ever had one of those days when you just want to do something‚Ķanything? Well, I woke up to such a feeling that Monday. All groggy eyed, I checked the bedside clock that promptly displayed 5:00 A.M. Rather early for me; I tried drifting back into the sweet morning slumber. But try as I might, my … Continue reading Something…Anything!


But Then This Is Life

Life's running too fast, I wonder when I'm happy, But sadness ruins its speed & makes it a l'il sloppy, It's uncanny how time seems to change it's speed, It's always too short when we're happy in the life we lead, It sure seems like ages, when things are in a disarray, 'But then this … Continue reading But Then This Is Life


With each passing day, the end comes near, Life is much too short, to live in constant fear. Fears are nothing but, shackles you yourself create, The day you break 'em, you will truly liberate. This world has so much to offer, from heights of the mountains to great depths of the sea, Unless you … Continue reading Fear(less)!