Magic In Mundane

I see my goals in the distance Taunting me to dare if I might I exasperate, as they seem farther Than where they were last night Everyday is a battle I try to win Preparing myself for what lies ahead Living through the mundane life Knowing tomorrow'd be the same as I get to bed … Continue reading Magic In Mundane


What If?

What if you never got your heart-broken Never had to experience the pain unspoken What if success was all that you knew Failures weren't even far-in-between or few What if you never experienced any sorrow Always lived like there was no tomorrow What if you never had a run-in with bad luck Made a fortune … Continue reading What If?

But Then This Is Life

Life's running too fast, I wonder when I'm happy, But sadness ruins its speed & makes it a l'il sloppy, It's uncanny how time seems to change it's speed, It's always too short when we're happy in the life we lead, It sure seems like ages, when things are in a disarray, 'But then this … Continue reading But Then This Is Life

Happy Rains

You step out to a heavily overcast sky, clouds so dark and dense, it seems it's evening already. Gentle cold breeze blows in your face, ruffling your hair out of place. Lush green trees sway to the rhythm of the wind. Buildings that seemed so harsh in the broad daylight of the scorching summer, seem … Continue reading Happy Rains