Book Review – Bangkok 8 (John Burdett)

Bangkok 8 - the title clearly gives away the setting of the plot. But is the book as exciting as the city itself? Bangkok 8 is a mystic murder (snakes no less) mystery with its protagonist and narrator being an eastern police officer, Sonchai Jitpleecheep.¬†Even though he follows Buddhist principles, he's been brought up in … Continue reading Book Review – Bangkok 8 (John Burdett)


The Cuckoo’s Calling – J. K. Rowling

When you've had astounding success and raked in unfathomable moolah with your first venture, expectations of people eyeing your subsequent outing will naturally be sky-high. So does J. K. Rowling deliver? The word 'success' probably wouldn't suffice to describe the author's¬†earlier attempt with the Harry Potter series. With millions of books sold and top-grossing film … Continue reading The Cuckoo’s Calling – J. K. Rowling