Unlived Life

The screaming quiet
The chaos within
The joyless smile
The clock ticking

The springless steps
The tuneless song
The purposeless morning
The days are long

The faithless prayer
The lonely crowd
The wandering eyes
The nagging doubt

The meaningless hello
The heartless goodbye
The unlived life
The time to die.


Magic In Mundane


I see my goals in the distance
Taunting me to dare if I might
I exasperate, as they seem farther
Than where they were last night

Everyday is a battle I try to win
Preparing myself for what lies ahead
Living through the mundane life
Knowing tomorrow’d be the same as I get to bed

But today, today is a bit different
I feel exuberant without knowing why
Despite my To Do list full and day packed ahead
I feel happy and calm inside

Today I don’t care whether I win or lose
My exacting goals suddenly cease to matter
Happiness fills my whole being
Elation consumes me with its incessant chatter

Today even the mundane feels like magic
Making me feel jubilant just to be alive
The ordinary is a disguised blessing
Atleast I have worthy goals for which to strive


Why Do Today?

Procrastination isn't so bad. You always have something to do tomorrow.

Procrastination isn’t so bad. You always have something to do tomorrow.

You always ask me, why not now?
To get a good crop, must not you plough?
Why leave for ‘morrow, what you can do today
Accomplish what you must, than leave it for another day

I oft answer, though not at once
Haven’t you heard of Procrastination, you dunce?
Why do today, what you can leave for ‘morrow
Why sweat, when there’s more time you can borrow

Aren’t life ’bout throwing worries to the wind?
Shouldn’t you make merry, be happy and sing?
Being too serious can ruin all the fun
Procrastination let’s you have your day in the sun

You sigh as you give thought to my thought
It sure seems my point has been bought
And just as you begin, for a moment, to ponder
I quietly slip out of the messy room, to yonder


What If?

What if

What if you never got your heart-broken
Never had to experience the pain unspoken

What if success was all that you knew
Failures weren’t even far-in-between or few

What if you never experienced any sorrow
Always lived like there was no tomorrow

What if you never had a run-in with bad luck
Made a fortune even when recession struck

Surely, you think things would be so much better
Your hunky dory life would never shatter
But life’s a roller coaster ride with its ups & downs
It isn’t complete without its share of frowns

These little failures teach us how to live
We receive only when we learn to give
You need darkness to really appreciate light
Only through wrongs, will you learn what’s right


A Broken Heart


Woke up to a beautiful morning,
Only to realize your heart’s broken,
He went his separate way,
And gave you heartache as a token.

You made him your world,
But he saw you just as a fling,
In the end, it’s your fault not his,
You let him rule your life like a king.

He made you smile,
No doubt he did,
But more often than not,
It was tears that you hid.

But on your feet,
Get up you must,
‘Cause life goes on,
Even if unjust.

Love comes and goes,
What stays is you,
Befriend yourself,
And you shan’t be blue.

And over and above,
Trust God’s plan,
‘Cause it’ll only work,
With the one worthy of being your man.


But Then This Is Life

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." ~Robert Frost

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
~Robert Frost

Life’s running too fast, I wonder when I’m happy,
But sadness ruins its speed & makes it a l’il sloppy,
It’s uncanny how time seems to change it’s speed,
It’s always too short when we’re happy in the life we lead,
It sure seems like ages, when things are in a disarray,
But then this is Life‘, my heart seems to say!

Every morning as the sun graces the sky,
I watch hoards of people hurriedly rushing by,
They slog themselves to make both ends meet,
So they can age gracefully with everything that they need,
But will that feel the same with all the years gone by?,
But then this is Life‘, my heart lets out a cry!

Everyday someone ends up fighting, while someone falls in love,
Everyday someone thanks the Almighty, who is over & above,
Everyday someone ends up making a commitment for life,
When they don’t even know if the next moment they’d be alive,
I wonder if all this is worth it, when death is a truth that glares,
But then this is Life‘, my heart always fares!




With each passing day, the end comes near,
Life is much too short, to live in constant fear.

Fears are nothing but, shackles you yourself create,
The day you break ’em, you will truly liberate.

This world has so much to offer, from heights of the mountains to great depths of the sea,
Unless you experience it all, you will never truly be free.

Break away from your comfort zone, one step is all it takes,
Undertake this beautiful journey called life, before you reach the heavens’ gates.

‘Cause in the end you might be called mad, crazy or senile,
But deep in your heart you’ll know your life was worthwhile.