Movie Review – Men In Black 3 (2012)

Year of Release: 2012 *ing: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson Verdict: 2.5/5 Even before you hit the theatre, you know what to expect from the MIB series - weird looking aliens, memory erasing devices and some fine stunts. So how does MIB-3 differ from this staple diet? Read on.. Although I … Continue reading Movie Review – Men In Black 3 (2012)

Movie Review – Ishaqzaade (2012)

Year of Release: 2012 *ing: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Gauhar Khan Verdict: 2.5/5   After the astounding and surprising success of Paan Singh Tomar, it seems like Bollywood has taken fancy to the “small-town” stories. Ishaqzaade is set in a small fictional town called Almor in UP. It’s the story of the hateful vengeance and … Continue reading Movie Review – Ishaqzaade (2012)

Movie Review – Kahaani (2012)

Year of Release: 2012 *ing: Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Verdict: 3/5 When the biggest star of 2011 asks you to go watch a movie, you don’t question, you just do. That’s the effect Vidya Balan has on people these days. But in Bollywood you are only as good as your last movie, so … Continue reading Movie Review – Kahaani (2012)

Movie Review – Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

Year of Release: 2012 *ing: Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill Verdict: 4/5 “Beehad mein toh baagi baste hain, Dakait toh parliament mein hote hain”. This power packed line delivered by the performance powerhouse Irrfan Khan in the promos was enough to drive the audiences to the theater. And boy were they in for a joyride! PST … Continue reading Movie Review – Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

Movie Review – 25th Hour (2002)

Year of Release: 2002 Stars:  Edward Norton, Barry Pepper and Philip Seymour Hoffman Verdict: 2.75/5 Although nominated for Golden Globe and recipient of a lot of critical acclaim, I personally think the movie is a wee bit over-rated. It’s about a guy called Monty (Edward Norton) who has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for drug peddling … Continue reading Movie Review – 25th Hour (2002)

Movie Review – Delhi Belly (2011)

F****N AWESOME!! However crass the above words are, they truly and aptly sum up the reaction after watching the movie. With this movie Bollywood has truly come of age and it totally kicks ass. And ‘ass’ is exactly what the movie starts with giving you a flavor of what is about to be thrown at … Continue reading Movie Review – Delhi Belly (2011)

Movie Review – A Few Good Men (1992)

When ‘they’ say a movie is as good as its script, ‘they’ are correct. And when you throw in some brilliant acting by some veteran actors, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. A Few Good Men is just that, a masterpiece. This meaty, juicy story of fight for justice of two unfortunate soldiers who are pitted … Continue reading Movie Review – A Few Good Men (1992)