Movie Review – Men In Black 3 (2012)

Year of Release: 2012

*ing: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson

Verdict: 2.5/5

Even before you hit the theatre, you know what to expect from the MIB series – weird looking aliens, memory erasing devices and some fine stunts. So how does MIB-3 differ from this staple diet? Read on..

Although I watched the 3rd part without having watched the 2nd, it wasn’t difficult to catch up. This instalment doesn’t only include aliens, some cool tech & incredible action but has an extra dimension thrown in; that of ‘time travel’ – a facet every human has been fascinated with since the beginning of time.

So we start with aliens (but of course) and some lovely banter between Agent J (Will Smith) & Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin) which shows how strong a bond both share without spelling it out in obvious words. K is embroiled in a plethora of secrets that J wouldn’t be let on (which are obviously revealed later in the movie). Anywho, a cool alien fight later we learn about an evil alien (Boris The Animal) who escaped from the jail on Moon to take revenge from Agent K for his broken arm. The very next day J wakes up and starts about his daily routine only to find that there is some lapse in his time line and that K has been dead over 40 years. He also discovers that the Boris’ race never became extinct and are planning to invade the Earth.

This is when he decides to go back in time to 1969 so as to save his partner and make sure that Boris The Animal dies and their race becomes extinct so that planet earth doesn’t face any threat in the future. It is now that the movie becomes exciting. We get to experience the olden days with some cool and funny quips thrown in by “J from the future”. We also get to see K and how different he was in the past. The rest of the story although predictable (good prevails, evil dies, secrets revealed, happy endings) is saved from boredom by some funny and witty dialogues and some cool action sequences. And as is the case with any sci-fi movie, the special effects definitely help.

When MIB originally came out it was a lot cooler since there weren’t that many other sci-fi cool movies releasing (at least in India). But now that Hollywood is queuing up to release their movies in Bollywood even before they hit theatres there, we are getting to see some much cooler and edge of the seat action movies than ever before. And honestly MIB-3 pales in comparison. Although the lead actors have done justice to their roles, the movie in general is just another passing affair. But you can definitely give it a watch since no other major movie has released this weekend – a big plus for MIB-3.


Movie Review – Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

Paan Singh Tomar

Year of Release: 2012

*ing: Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill

Verdict: 4/5

“Beehad mein toh baagi baste hain, Dakait toh parliament mein hote hain”. This power packed line delivered by the performance powerhouse Irrfan Khan in the promos was enough to drive the audiences to the theater. And boy were they in for a joyride!

PST comes as a pleasant surprise; with it’s strong script, stronger dialogues, fabulous acting and wonderful direction; in midst of movies like Housefull being made which just bank on their star power and ridiculous item numbers to do well. While the recently released movies are cheap rehashed versions of hit Hollywood movies, PST is authentically desi. While the recent crop of movies are like caviar curry minus the spice, PST is authentic daal baati churma with tons of flavor.

It is an endearing story of an army man turned athlete turned dacoit. The legendary Chambal ghati forms the backdrop for the major part of the movie, an area that was once infamous for housing innumerable number of self-made dacoits & their gangs. The inability of food doled out at the army canteen to satiate Paan Singh’s hunger, leads to him joining sports so that he can eat as much as he wants. His innocuous innocence in all of this will totally get to you.

Thus begins the glorified story of how he becomes a name to reckon with in the Steeple chase race where he breaks his own records. But the turning point or a setback for his flourishing career comes when he learns of the family feud in which his land was illegally taken over by his cousin brother. Armed with his army background and sports credentials he sets out to achieve justice the right way. But when spurned and insulted by the system, he has no other choice but to turn into something he had been avoiding all along. There is only so much insult a male ego can suffer. Thereupon we get to witness the dacoit part of Paan Singh’s life which is as beautifully captured as his athletic days.

The movie definitely glorifies the life of a dacoit but also gets you thinking whether we can blame those who are forced to choose illegal or criminal paths by our very own system. A question everybody can agree is highly morally subjective.

Philosophy aside, the entire movie is a treat to watch. The director (Tigmanshu Dhulia) has taken care of the smallest details – the authentic dialect of the area, the non-dramatic and gradual aging process of Paan Singh, love-making scenes in rural India during olden times, Mahie Gill’s village belle avatar, Paan Singh’s attempts at getting privacy with his wife, his suppressed anger and frustration at being able to do nothing when outnumbered by his cousin’s men,  etc. The light-hearted moments peppered throughout the movie keep it from getting too serious or boring.

Though the local dialect adds an authentic touch, it might be a little difficult for people not familiar with it to understand. Also the second half of the movie sometimes drags in bits and pieces.

But apart from the above tiny glitches, the movie has proven yet again that the real hero is the story/script as it is the soul of the movie. This is the precise reason why this film has worked wonderfully without any hype or over the top promotions. And of course not to discount the brilliant performance by Irrfan Khan.

It’s about time that other filmmakers learn a lesson from Tigmanshu Dhulia and make films that have a story rather than churning out nonsense after nonsense starring the biggest stars. As can be learnt from numerous culinary contest shows; no matter how fancy a dish looks, it is only as good as it tastes.

Original interview of Paan Singh Tomar


  • Paan Singh Tomar won the steeplechase event at Indian National Games for seven years in a row. He gave up sports and became famous dacoit in Bhind in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The makers of Paan Singh Tomar used real money worth Rs 3 Lakhs and hung it on a hoarding in Juhu, Mumbai as a part of a promotion. The hoarding was guarded by security personnels but the bag of real money had to be removed when cops intervened due to security threats.
  • Paan Singh Tomar’s nephew, Balwanta Singh lodged an FIR against the director Tigmanshu Dhulia in Gwalior for an alleged breach of promise. Balwanta claims that Tigmanshu had promised to pay him Rs 40 lacs to help him find details about the transformation of Paan Singh from an athlete to a dacoit.
  • The film Paan Singh Tomar was shot in Chambal. Since the area is bandit infested, the cast and crew were not allowed to venture out of their hotel after 5pm and there was security round the clock.
  • The film Paan Singh Tomar required the lead actor Irrfan Khan to be physically fit. Hence Irrfan used to go for regular jogs in the evening and also indulge in playing cricket with the cast and crew.
  • Irrfan Khan was not the first choice to play the dacoit, the director had Akshay Kumar in mind earlier, but later approached Irrfan Khan who fit into the character very well.
  • Irrfan Khan was not aware of Paan Singh Tomar although he was a National Steeplechase Champion. Only after he was approached by the director Tigmanshu Dhulia and later reading about him, did Irrfan learn of him and found his character very intriguing.
  • Apparently the final schedule of the film was delayed because Irrfan suffered an injury to his leg. Also while shooting in the jungles of Dholpur, the sultry weather caused Irfan a blackout and he even got dehydrated.
  • To essay the character of Paan Singh Tomar, Irrfan Khan dedicated himself 2 month before the beginning of the shoot to learn and train on Steeplechase. He took training from a Delhi based National level coach who trained Irrfan in the sport. Irrfan also undertook lessons on voice modulation and pronunciation as he had to speak in the local dialect.
  • To make the film look authentic, director Tigmanshu Dhulia shot the film Paan Singh Tomar in his village and in the house where he grew up.
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia shot the film in terrains of Chambal, Forest Research Institute in Dehradun which was converted into a sports complex and Ludki with army men.

Movie Review – Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl (2011)

Year of Release: 2011

Stars: Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Parineeta Chopra, Aditi Sharma, Dippanita Sharma

Verdict: 2.5/5

What do you get when you use the old ingredients to prepare a seemingly new dish? A dish that you think is innovative but the customers don’t. This is what has happened with Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl. You walk into the movie theatre expecting the spiciness & aroma of Band Baaja Baarat but instead get served a dish that is presented attractively but lacks that zing. None the less, the dish is definitely edible & quite palatable too.

This is the story of a con-man Ricky Bahl, who uses his charm, good looks & flawless impersonification of different characters to con attractive women. His fiendishly clever planning & execution always guarantee him a win, at least until the girl power decides to get the better of him.

Among the plethora of cons in his kitty we are shown three – 1. On a rich & gullible Delhi babe (Parineeta Chopra) as a gym trainer, 2. On a Mumbai lass (Dippanita Sharma) as an artist & 3. On a Lucknowi lady (Aditi Sharma) as a cloth merchant. These 3 distressed damsels are united by the media (thanks to channels like India TV who have nothing better to cover than topics like – the spot where cows commit suicide or apne bacchon ko chikni chameli se bachaayein) and decide to con the con-guru (or Bloody Kameena as they call him) himself. And just when you started wondering that you missed spotting Anushka all this while in the movie due to her excessive weight loss, she suddenly graces the screen with all her Jazba. As a salesgirl, she uses all her acting prowess to sell stuff to innocent shoppers. She is so good that anybody who she tries selling to, doesn’t leave empty-handed from the store. Given her innate talent, the 3 girls design a plan and decide to use her to get their money back from bloody kameena.

Although the schemes and plots used in the movie to con & fool women are clever, but what is unfathomable is that these otherwise daring & clever women trust him so easily with so much money and fall for the cheap tricks. It almost seems as if everything is ready in each sub-plot and the red carpet is rolled out for Ricky to come and conveniently con the ladies. But then if logic ain’t your thing then this makes for a nice weekend time-pass masala movie.

All the actors are good but Parineeta as the spoilt Delhi bimbette Dimple, outrightly steals the show. Her portrayal of a typical dumb, spoilt Delhi girl is absolutely spot on; including the accent, mannerisms & dressing sense. She lends that funny, light-hearted, innocent comic feel to the movie.

There is very little of Anushka (quite literally too) in the movie. Also the chemistry between the lead pair isn’t as sizzling as it was in Band Baaja Baarat. The director has definitely tried to capitalize on BBB’s success as evident from the last scene of the movie but it just isn’t the same.

Definitely an entertaining watch for the weekend but nowhere near the magic of Band Baaja Baarat.


  • IMDB Rating – 8.1/10
  • In a scene, Anushka is shown riding her scooter. It was in fact very ably executed by the direction team on what is a stationary scooter – where assistants are standing behind the scooter and pushing it to make it seem like Anushka is riding it.
  • During one of the shoots, a man arrived disguised as the late MF Hussain to attract Anushka’s attention. The real artist was a huge fan of the actor.
  • While shooting a scooter sequence, the bike skidded on gravel and fell on Ranveer. His foot was burned in the mishap. A doctor tended to him and Ranveer, being a true professional, continued to shoot to ensure that the schedule was not delayed.
  • A very pretty brunette was supposed to get on a jet ski with Ranveer for a shot, but she refused to do it out of fear – she was afraid of falling off the skis. Ranveer charmed her, and convinced her to get on, promising that he would ensure that she didn’t fall off. True to his word, he rode the jet ski with utmost care and caution, but the pretty brunette still fell off and poor Ranveer had to convince her to do the shot all over again. The second time around, all went well.
  • While shooting in Lucknow, Aditi slipped on a pile ofjamun fruits and even tore her costume. Ranveer tended to her and made sure she was perfectly okay before they started shooting again.
  • While shooting in Goa, director Maneesh showed Ranveer how to ride a bike. Ranveer proved to be a good student and confidently rode the bike for the film.
  • On the final day of the Goa shoot, the cast and crew decided to celebrate the wrap by organising a fun raffle. The raffle proved profitable for crew driver Edwin, who won a cash prize of Rs 5000, which was gifted to him by Ranveer and Anushka.
  • Ricky Bahl’s multiple unshaven and shaved looks in the film kept the cast and crew waiting for days to shoot – especially the looks that required the right amount of facial hair to appear.
  • Ranveer went on a strict 48 hours diet regime and stayed hungry for nearly two days to get the perfect six pack ab look.
  • During one of the shots on the jet-ski, a big wave hit Ranveer and Anushka and flung them in different directions in the middle of the sea. Yet both of them braved 20-foot waves, despite the jet-ski being capsized and gave the perfect shot.
  • While shooting in Lucknow, the entire Imambara area had to be cordoned off. Massive crowds appeared to watch Ranveer Singh shoot and kept calling him “Bitoo! Bitoo aa gayaa!” Rambo was a clear favourite and worked the crowd very well by obliging fans with waves, hugs and pictures! After pack up, the entire cast feasted at Lucknow’s famous “Tunda Kababi.”
  • Maneesh Sharma, the director of the film, decided to add boats against the beach in one of the shots to make it more interesting – this last minute addition made for a perfect shot and the boats became an integral part of a decisive scene in the movie that involves the entire cast.
  • The cast and crew’s favourite hangout joint in Goa was Cape Town Cafe located in Baga, North Goa. When not at the café they binged on mangoes and seafood especially prawn curry (which they had nearly every day)!
  • Ranveer is a big cricket fan and an even bigger fan of Dhoni. A few years ago Dhoni had shot with Shaad Ali on an ad (on which Ranveer had helped) and Ranveer and Dhoni hit it off really well ever since. While shooting in Delhi (just post India’s World Cup win) Ranveer heard Captain Dhoni was in town with his wife and invited him to come over to the hotel. They hung out all night and bonded over food and films and cricket. The entire crew joined the fun party!
  • Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is reportedly inspired from the Marathi play To Mee Navhech(1968), which in turn has inspired a couple of  Tamil and Kannada films.
  • Parineeti Chopra, who makes her debut in LVRB, is Priyanka Chopra’s cousin.
  • Ricky Bahl’s caller tone in the movie is the famous dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan‘s Baazigar,”Haar kar jeetne waalon ko baazigar kehte hai.” In fact, Ranveer even mentions Shah Rukh towards the end of the film.

Movie Review – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011)

Year of Release: 2011

Stars: Imraan Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar

Verdict: 2.5/5


If only real life was like a movie; parents would be stupid, ridiculous plans would be brilliant and workable, arranged marriages would be a child’s play and all men & women would be absolutely hot. But real life is real life and that’s why we need movies to take us into that faraway land where everything is hunky dory.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan opens with Ali Zafar (Luv) breaking up with his girlfriend (Piyali) in London and then immediately calling his Asst. Director brother (Imraan Khan – Kush) in Mumbai to find a nice Indian girl for him to settle down. Next we see Kush meeting girls for his London returned brother and the comic drama that ensues (anybody remember Namaste London??). With double meaning jokes, several clichés and funny situations the movie makes you laugh. So far so good!

Enter Katrina Kaif (Dimple), a London returned desi. She lends a lot of sex appeal and style to the movie but when it comes to acting she puts nothing on the table or rather puts too much. With her over-acting some of the finest over-actors can be put to shame. But this doesn’t take away the fact that she is a perfect eye-candy and guys who love Katrina can watch the movie just to drool over her.

Anyway, what happens next is that Luv & Dimple say yes to each other and their marriage is fixed. The marriage preparations start and Kush is the one who takes Dimple out for all the shopping and takes the responsibility of making her live her life to the fullest before she gets married. And predictably, as given away by the title, both of them fall in love with each other and just so that the story can complete 3 hours, all this happens after Dimple & Luv get engaged.

What follows is a series of plans and plots to make Luv voluntarily get out of the marriage so that Kush & Dimple can get married.

As you can see the story isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before and cannot predict. But the movie manages to entertain you with its light-hearted jokes, funny situations, hummable songs and good looking leading actors.

The guy who plays Katrina’s brother Ajju will definitely get you to your wits end. Imraan though has done a good job & so have his side-kicks and Ali Zafar.

The only issues are the far-fetched story & some impractical plans. But go watch it if you want to see a light-hearted time pass movie on the weekend. Not as good as you would expect but not as bad either. Just a feel-good flick!


  • Katrina took 25 takes to get the scene where she slaps Imraan right.
  • Imraan’s great uncle, Nasir Hussain is from Dehradun (where a part of the movie is shot) and so is his wife Avantika’s maternal family.
  • As soon as fans heard that Katrina was shooting for DHUNKI at Agra Fort, a crowd of 1000 plus gathered within a few minutes! All the crowd and mob shots shown in the song are authentic – the only way Katrina could safely leave the venue at the end of the shoot was when a team of police was called to escort her out and take her away in a police van.
  • The Title Song of the movie is shot widely across India including Mumbai, New Delhi and Dehradun.
  • CHOOMANTAR was shot all over Delhi and a fun sequence was shot in the VIP area of South Delhi with Katrina riding an open rickshaw without support. A number of VIPs stopped in their tracks when they saw Imran and Katrina going wild and crazy while shooting for the song.
  • Ali Zafar taught Katrina to play the guitar while shooting for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.
  • In a very important scene, Katrina had to slap Imran who insisted that she must genuinely slap him to make the scene look real. In the pursuit of the perfect take, Imran got slapped a dozen times and was left with a puffy red cheek. At the end of it all Katrina very sweetly got him a box of chocolates as she felt responsible.
  • In a funny and quirky scene between Imran and Katrina, director Ali Abbas found something amiss. He decided to add a gun as a fun and interesting element to the scene but while shooting, Imran accidentally hit the gun on Katrina’s nose and her nose started bleeding. Katrina was a very good sport about it all and continued shooting after she took a quick break in order to regain herself.
  • A huge crowd of Imran and Katrina’s fans and locals gathered outside the Pataudi Palace as soon as they got to know the actors were shooting there for MBKD. One particular scene by the palace pool required the actors to be quiet and serious but the crowds were a huge distraction and kept yelling out to Imran and Katrina – some people even started throwing stones to attract the attention of the actors. But Imran and Katrina remained focused and shot this moving scene beautifully.
  • Massive crowds appeared to watch Imran Khan shoot at Dehradun Railway Station. The public was uncontrollable and went wild – they only relented when Imran  took the mike and requested everyone to be quiet in order for the crew to be able to shoot.

Movie Review – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

ZNMD is what happens when Hangover meets The Bucket List meets Dil Chahta Hai. But doesn’t turn out as excellent as either of the three.

But that does not mean it is any less enjoyable than the other three.

The title of the movie is a giveaway of what the storyline would be like. It is about the ‘bromance’ between 3 guys who set out on a trip to Spain to do the things they always wanted to do and to basically live their life.

Abhay Deol (Kabir) is running away from an accidental proposal, Hrithik Roshan (Arjun) is running away from a heart-break & Farhan Akhtar (Imraan) is running away from his mother in search of his lost father. Kabir convinces his 2 friends to accompany him on a road trip in Spain for his Bachelors. A hangover anyone?!

We meet two extremes in the cases of Arjun & Imraan, one being extremely focused, serious and career oriented and the other absolutely non-serious & callous about life in general. The gap between the two is bridged by the average Kabir.

The movie happens due to a pact made by the trio in college to go to a place and indulge in 3 adventure sports of each one’s choice and the other two would have to comply. As they set out on the trip we realize the awkwardness between the three since they meet after quite a long time but our ‘bwaaays’ slowly get into the groove of road trippin’ with silly pranks interspersed along the way.

When they reach for the 1st adventure sport (Deep Sea Diving), they meet Katrina (Laila) who is a fashion student in London but takes holidays to teach deep sea diving to people. Predictably the 2 bachelors, Arjun & Imraan fall for her with Imraan taking a more humorous route to impress her. But the leading lady falls for Bollywod’s very own Greek God and another female is brought in for our dear bwaaay Imraan.

Laila is a fun-loving, live-in-the-moment kinda girl and her bindaas attitude rubs off on the guys, especially Arjun. She teaches them to seize the day and live life to its fullest since tomorrow might be too late to do so.

The 2nd adventure challenge is to skydive. Imraan’s expressions and body language before sky-diving actually capture the emotions one would feel before taking the plunge. But this portion of the movie has been dealt with rather poorly. For the training part, the trainer along with our actors, is trying too hard to be comical which doesn’t feel natural. Also one can easily make out the fact that they aren’t actually skydiving. And the scene is stretched a bit too much.

Everything’s hunky dory in the first half but things take a little serious turn post interval with Imraan trying to find his real father which is rather tedious. But the way the whole situation is handled in the movie is quite different as opposed to other potboilers. You would expect an emotional drama to ensue after the father-son duo meet. But Naseeruddin Shah who plays Imraan’s real father is quite unapologetic about his decision to live life on his own terms. The movie has shown that parents too have their own needs and desires and every parent doesn’t give up everything for the child.

The 3rd and the last adventure sport is Bull-Riding which is shown in a very non-serious manner. It is a very dangerous sport but it is handled very lightly. But it drives home the message that to live life fully, you need to overcome your fears, the biggest one being the fear of death.

The dialogues of the movie are written by Farhaan Akhtar and have a very normal, day-to-day feel to them. The songs suit the feel of the movie though a few songs like senorita appear out of nowhere (the editing could’ve been better). And the poems that Imraan recites in between are nothing short of brilliance. Javed Akhtar truly has created magic with words.

And whatever happened to that ‘steamy kiss’ between the lead pair. The kiss was anything but steamy. It was sincere yes, but calling it steamy was totally a promotion gimmick.

But however the movie, however the dialogues and however the songs; the thing that truly and exceptionally stands out during the whole 3 hours, is the beauty of Spain. Every single person who saw the movie was totally sold on how beautiful Spain actually is. If I had to plan a holiday right now I would undoubtedly choose the exotic country.

ZNMD is a decent summer flick which can be watched on a nice free afternoon.


  • IMDB Rating – 8.3/10
  • Zoya Akhtar wanted to cast ‘Imran Khan’ and Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role but both declined in favor of acting together in their home production.
  • Katrina Kaif‘s introduction scene on the beach was shot on a nude beach. The production crew had to continually request people to move out of the frame.
  • The La Tomatina festival shown in the movie was re-created in Bunol, Valencia, Spain with almost 16 tons of tomatoes specially flown in from Portugal.
  • Zoya Akhtar wanted to shoot the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Mexico and explore that country as she had never been there, but after the final script, she found Spain to be a better location since the European aesthetics in Spain worked better for a road movie.
  • The actors shot for the entire week with only one day off. That day, Zoya Akhtar and her production team would plan for the next week’s shoot while the actors would sleep the day owing to the laid back attitude the local people would have on a holiday.
  • Zoya Akhtar had an adventurous time and whenever she would have the time, she would dive into the emerald waters and go snorkelling.
  • Katrina Kaif plays a diving instructor in the film and she had to take diving lessons. She took a short diving course on the wild coast of Costa Brava and took to the waters pretty well.
  • The boys would cycle to the sets in Barcelona while shooting for the film and they loved it, because they can’t do it in Mumbai.
  • Abhay Deol had learnt Spanish for his character in the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and naturally ended up acting as a translator. Whenever the team would go out, Abhay used to help people out with the translation and he became a hit with the ladies.
  • Some of the wine-induced merriment stemmed from the World Cup excitement. Spain won, and the football crazy country gave over into uninhibited and high-spirited celebrations. The film crew of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was lucky to be a part of this celebration. In fact Ritesh Sidhwani, the producer, threw a party on the beach of Valencia to celebrate Spain winning the world cup. The cast and crew tore down the screens, played volleyball, danced and partied till wee hours.

Movie Review – Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011)

This movie is a prime example of the power of positive word of mouth on social media. The movie didn’t quite get rave reviews from the professional critic circuit when it opened. But as more and more people discovered the movie, the social media was abuzz with people calling it a must watch.

And well they weren’t wrong either.

This movie depicts the sorry case of guys at the hands of evil, bitching and mostly scheming girls. It’s the story of 3 guys (Nishant aka Liquid, Vicky aka Chaudhary & Rajat aka Rajjo). Liquid is highly frustrated with his nowhere leading job and his inability to ‘patao’ girls. Chaudhary is the cool one of the trio who plays the guitar, sports funky looking hairdo and considers it cool & even normal to lounge around in his underwear for most part of the movie (which is really difficult to fathom). And as for Rajjo aka Rajat he has no specific character sketch until a woman comes into his life. It is then that his character starts taking shape and a good shape at that 🙂

The movie starts with Liquid mouthing filthy dialogues peppered with abusive words but which make sense once you realize that it’s the frustration of the guy that is actually being shown. The 3 guys break into a song “Life sahi hai, Tension nahi hai” depicting their single & free status.

And voila, just like the saas-bahu serials cannot take even 2 minutes of happiness, the vamps enter the scene. There is a girl for each of the guy and soon all 3 of them discover the joys of being with a woman. As Rajjo says, it makes them feel alive. But like all the good things, the honeymoon period soon gets over and that is when the REAL fun begins.

Liquid soon discovers that the woman he was considering to be his future Mrs. Liquid was just using him to get her work done in office, using all the help that she needed while keeping her boyfriend. Despite realizing that he has become just a “good friend” and a personal valet to the lady, Liquid still goes out of the way to help her and in the process become a doormat.

Chaudhary also isn’t faring any better as he realizes that his modern & forward sort of girlfriend has her feet in two separate boats. She enjoys being with him while keeping her boyfriend of 5-years in the sly.

And the funniest and the most amazing track is that of Rajjo and his live-in relationship girlfriend Neha. The dialogues and the situations have been scripted so beautifully that your heart actually goes out to Rajat. He is portrayed as the poor guy who does everything but is still blamed for doing nothing by his girlfriend. Neha hs been shown as the epitome of how a female mind works. They say it for a reason why it’s impossible to understand a woman. She makes sure that no matter what the situation or whoever’s mistake it is, she always ends up winning the arguments and has her way in the relationship. And Nushrat Bharucha (Neha) has brilliantly played the character and totally fits the bill.

The story unfolds beautifully and every person who has ever been in a relationship or hasn’t but has had an argument with a woman can totally relate to it. The script writer has done a commendable job writing all the dialogues since even females who have been portrayed as the enemies can relate to them and that, mind you is no small feat.

The only thing that doesn’t go down well is the extreme negative light in which females are shown. Their point of view and their side of the story hasn’t been shown at all but I guess that kind of works in the movies favor. The wife & girlfriend jokes have always been in and the situations created give the movie a full chance to capitalize on them.

If a movie were to be made about the girl’s side of the same story, am sure everybody would sympathize with them too. Though it wouldn’t be as funny.

The best dialogue/part of the film definitely has to be the long dialogue delivered by Rajjo when he comes back to his bachelor pad after a fight with Neha. Every single person can relate to it.

The only thing that didn’t work for the movie were the actors with their shoddy acting skills, Vicky wearing an underwear all the time in front of his buddies (I am sure most of the guys couldn’t relate to it either), the gay-ish scenes between Liquid & Rajjo and somewhat extreme behavior and meanness of Charu (Liquid’s advantage taker).

Totally go for the movie but not for the acting prowess or amazing songs or anything else but solely for the content and the dialogues as that is the only thing that will keep you glued for the entire 2.5 hours.

P.S. – If you liked the movie, you would enjoy watching a sitcom called ‘Coupling’. It is a British sitcom that shows how a same event is viewed differently from a guy’s and a girl’s perspective. Hilarious it is!


  • IMDB Rating – 8/10
  • Director Luv Ranjan, who was on the look out for an actor (san a starry face) to play the lead role, discovered newbie Karthik on the social networking site Facebook.
  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama will make a record of sorts by launching six newcomers, a debutant producer and a first time director.
  • In the initial scene when Nishant is angry & all three start for a dhaba on Vikrant‘s bike but while returning they are seen to be climbing the jeep.

Movie Review – Delhi Belly (2011)

Shit Happens


However crass the above words are, they truly and aptly sum up the reaction after watching the movie. With this movie Bollywood has truly come of age and it totally kicks ass.

And ‘ass’ is exactly what the movie starts with giving you a flavor of what is about to be thrown at you.

Let’s quickly get over with the story as that isn’t the most extraordinary thing about this movie. The movie is about 3 flatmates – Tashi (Imraan Khan), Arun (Vir Das), Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor) who accidently get embroiled in a diamond smuggling ring. Tashi’s girlfriend (Shehnaaz Treasurywala) unknowingly acts as a courier to deliver diamonds for Vijay Raaz. She gives the package to Tashi to deliver to an address  who the gives it to Nitin and who in turn gives two packages to Arun and they get mixed up and the wrong one reaches Vijay Raaz. And then the story takes a wild turn.

Now the story isn’t anything exceptional, it’s the treatment that makes the movie stand out. The movie is one of a kind that has come in a really long time. The English version is mostly in English and portrays how normal youngsters talk these days in big cities like Mumbai & Delhi. If the movie wasn’t treated delicately, then the fine balance between cheapness & crass humor could’ve been lost.

All the actors are aptly casted and even the smallest character has done his/her bit and make the movie a perfect watch.The director has paid attention to even the smallest details like the Haryanvi accent of the sidekicks. The Potty humor, the background music, the language, the character sketches, the look of the characters everything works for the movie and only an Amir Khan could have pulled it off.

The movie might not sit well with people with a more conservative sense of humor. Though the opening revenue of the film suggests otherwise.

It is DEFINITELY a must watch, even if you watch it for the sheer joy of watching something out of the league than the regular bollywood potboilers.

Shit did happen in this movie but we ain’t complaining…I say go for it!


  • IMDB Rating – 8.6/10
  • Shooting for the film began in August 2008 in Delhi. But due to many technical reasons, the film finally got released after three years in July 2011.
  • Imran Khan gave four screen test and then he finally got chosen for the role in his uncle Aamir Khan‘s movie ‘Delhi Belly‘.
  • For an item girl in the film, earlier the makers were thinking for Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Malaika Arora Khan. But finally they chosen MTV VJ Anusha Dandekar.
  • To bring in good luck for his approaching home production ‘Delhi Belly’, Aamir has made up his mind to wear the same blue T-shirt which he had donned on the World Cup 2011 finals, on the release date of the film.
  • Writer of the film Akshat Verma especially come down from Los Angles to Mumbai to meet Aamir. While Aamir was busy with some shoot so Akshat gave the script to the maid of Aamir’s house. By a strange quirk of fate, Kiran Rao read the script first. There was a pile of 200 scripts next to Aamir and Kiran picked up the first one and started reading. She started laughing and her laughter increased that she fell from the sofa. Aamir asked her what she was reading. She said that its Delhi Belly.
  • Bhag D.K. Bose Aandhi Aayi, the song that has become a raging hit, was included in the film at the last moment and was composed just a few weeks ago, much after the principal shooting of the film was over.
  • To ensure that his prime protagonists got the plot, language, setting and milieu just right, Aamir and director Abhinay Deo come up with a 100-hour-long crash course. It was a 10-day-long crash course, and all actors holed up in a room for up to 10 hours at a stretch along with the producer and director. The focus on these meetings was on ensuring the trio of actors got their gaalis right, and react naturally to the adult humour.