Poem – Unlived Life

Source:  www.saatchiart.com
Source: http://www.saatchiart.com

The screaming quiet
The chaos within
The joyless smile
The clock ticking

The springless steps
The tuneless song
The purposeless morning
The days are long

The faithless prayer
The lonely crowd
The wandering eyes
The nagging doubt

The meaningless hello
The heartless goodbye
The unlived life
The time to die.


4 thoughts on “Poem – Unlived Life

  1. Nice, welcome back! What are the chances you can you also do a happier version of this…something akin to The effervescent stance, the rhythmic prose…etc.

    1. Well am glad at least someone missed me while I was gone 🙂
      My blog has one too many happy posts and I thought of going on a morbid tangent for a change. But will surely do a “happy” version of this poem.

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