Little Miracles


Ever had one of those days when even the things that are going right don’t feel that way? When the humdrum of routine life becomes too much to bear? When the presence or absence of all material benefits or loved ones doesn’t seem to matter?

And then suddenly when you’d least expect, the tiniest of things that you would otherwise ignore, would make you feel so exuberant and full of joy that it’d become impossible for you to contain that feeling. These tiny things are what we call ‘Little Miracles‘.

We pray and wish for miracles to happen; miracles that’ll change the course of our lives, make our troubles disappear and help us lead the idyllic lives we’ve always dreamt of. But while waiting for these gigantic and fate altering miracles, we often overlook the million tiny ones that grace our lives everyday. Like a cute smile on a baby’s face that fills up your heart, finding the exact thing you’ve been craving to eat all day without even realising it, coming home to a smiling and loving partner after a hard day at work, having someone come out to help you out of nowhere when you were just about to give up.

What we call happy coincidences were miracles waiting to happen on the sidelines. Our lives are made up of these tiny miracles that we either tend to overlook or take for granted as we grow up. But the more you start noticing them, the more you’ll notice them happening. Watch out for them and watch them watching out for you.



4 thoughts on “Little Miracles

  1. I will have to read it n times – not that i can’t understand but to better understand and relate it with things around. nice post for going optimistic and positive in life.

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