Magic In Mundane


I see my goals in the distance
Taunting me to dare if I might
I exasperate, as they seem farther
Than where they were last night

Everyday is a battle I try to win
Preparing myself for what lies ahead
Living through the mundane life
Knowing tomorrow’d be the same as I get to bed

But today, today is a bit different
I feel exuberant without knowing why
Despite my To Do list full and day packed ahead
I feel happy and calm inside

Today I don’t care whether I win or lose
My exacting goals suddenly cease to matter
Happiness fills my whole being
Elation consumes me with its incessant chatter

Today even the mundane feels like magic
Making me feel jubilant just to be alive
The ordinary is a disguised blessing
Atleast I have worthy goals for which to strive


7 thoughts on “Magic In Mundane

  1. What a beauty these words display,
    The beauty in truth, as often, inconceivable.
    The clarity is brought in waves,
    Uncertain, though the protagonist may seem.
    Glide on to us with a tender touch,
    Slide back, recede, reject.
    Till the final idea crashes,
    Onto the rocks that we are,
    & then,
    There is serenity, acceptance,
    & finally…joy in its pristine form,
    In love of life.

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