Maybe Optimism’s Overrated


Since the beginning of time, we’ve been taught to always hope for the best, to always view the glass as half full, to always be optimistic. But is optimism all that it’s hyped to be? Well, probably not!

No matter how much we’d like to believe otherwise, we’re all dark and pessimistic within. Maybe that’s how God intended for us to be. And maybe that is why we are naturally inclined to always notice and absorb the negatives before our mind even rationalizes and registers the positives.

We try to please our moral selves by putting on the brave mask of eternal sunshine. But truth be told, nothing satisfies and soothes us more than wallowing in self-pity. Oh the pleasure of feeling sorry for ourselves, wondering why we’re the favorite recipients of bad luck and deducing that God’s always unfair to us, is utterly fulfilling. We take pride in spending hours thinking about how perfect our past was, what a shamble our present is and how dismal our future would be.

We’ve been running around trying to catch that elusive thing called happiness; a sham created by self-help books and motivational speakers; all the while forgetting that as human beings, maybe our real happiness lies in being unhappy.


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