A Broken Heart


Woke up to a beautiful morning,
Only to realize your heart’s broken,
He went his separate way,
And gave you heartache as a token.

You made him your world,
But he saw you just as a fling,
In the end, it’s your fault not his,
You let him rule your life like a king.

He made you smile,
No doubt he did,
But more often than not,
It was tears that you hid.

But on your feet,
Get up you must,
‘Cause life goes on,
Even if unjust.

Love comes and goes,
What stays is you,
Befriend yourself,
And you shan’t be blue.

And over and above,
Trust God’s plan,
‘Cause it’ll only work,
With the one worthy of being your man.



15 thoughts on “A Broken Heart

  1. Beautifully written.

    God’s plan works for us,
    only when we believe in him
    And trust his choice,
    Be patience and wait
    for that one worthy soul
    Who can listen to our voice.

    1. Hey starlightskyline, I’m so glad my sentiments resonated with you. After all, life won’t be fair all the time but we have to pick ourselves up and march on..

  2. Really like how you reference other pieces of your writing and bring it all together! Its like a puzzle…and each piece one says a little something unique…very cool! 🙂


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