6 Things you can learn from Bollywood

Word Tripping

Bollywood may be the second biggest movie churning industry after Hollywood but when it comes to the optimistic art  of viewing the glass as ‘half full’, we beat ‘firangi-wood’ hands down.

Read on to know what we, the “mango mans”, can learn from our desi movie world.

  • Perseverance – Perseverance is an important quality needed to succeed in any sphere of life. And who exhibits this quality better than our filmy heroes. They stand up, perform stunts & finish their carefully practiced dialogues even when hit with a bullet (or two) or stabbed with a knife. And if the hero is so persistent, how can their “little soldiers” be left behind. They struggle and persevere, so much so that the “aulad” (progeny) of our hero is the exact replica of the father, sans the grey hair of course (And you thought it was the same person playing two roles. Sheesh!).

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