Movie Review – Men In Black 3 (2012)

Year of Release: 2012

*ing: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson

Verdict: 2.5/5

Even before you hit the theatre, you know what to expect from the MIB series – weird looking aliens, memory erasing devices and some fine stunts. So how does MIB-3 differ from this staple diet? Read on..

Although I watched the 3rd part without having watched the 2nd, it wasn’t difficult to catch up. This instalment doesn’t only include aliens, some cool tech & incredible action but has an extra dimension thrown in; that of ‘time travel’ – a facet every human has been fascinated with since the beginning of time.

So we start with aliens (but of course) and some lovely banter between Agent J (Will Smith) & Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin) which shows how strong a bond both share without spelling it out in obvious words. K is embroiled in a plethora of secrets that J wouldn’t be let on (which are obviously revealed later in the movie). Anywho, a cool alien fight later we learn about an evil alien (Boris The Animal) who escaped from the jail on Moon to take revenge from Agent K for his broken arm. The very next day J wakes up and starts about his daily routine only to find that there is some lapse in his time line and that K has been dead over 40 years. He also discovers that the Boris’ race never became extinct and are planning to invade the Earth.

This is when he decides to go back in time to 1969 so as to save his partner and make sure that Boris The Animal dies and their race becomes extinct so that planet earth doesn’t face any threat in the future. It is now that the movie becomes exciting. We get to experience the olden days with some cool and funny quips thrown in by “J from the future”. We also get to see K and how different he was in the past. The rest of the story although predictable (good prevails, evil dies, secrets revealed, happy endings) is saved from boredom by some funny and witty dialogues and some cool action sequences. And as is the case with any sci-fi movie, the special effects definitely help.

When MIB originally came out it was a lot cooler since there weren’t that many other sci-fi cool movies releasing (at least in India). But now that Hollywood is queuing up to release their movies in Bollywood even before they hit theatres there, we are getting to see some much cooler and edge of the seat action movies than ever before. And honestly MIB-3 pales in comparison. Although the lead actors have done justice to their roles, the movie in general is just another passing affair. But you can definitely give it a watch since no other major movie has released this weekend – a big plus for MIB-3.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Men In Black 3 (2012)

  1. @Saket – First up, Thanks for taking time out to read the review and giving feedback on it. And I have absolutely taken the suggestion in the right spirit. As far as the story is concerned, it is necessary to give an outline of the story in general so that people get to know what the movie is all about and if it is even worth their while to go and watch it. And most of the reviews I have been reading over the years have been doing the same.

    Moreover I make a conscious effort to not delve into the technicalities wherever possible since I want to present the review from a lay mans perspective and not someone who harps on the minutest of details.

    But all said and done, I absolutely agree with your emotion description part. But if you’d take out a little time and read my previous reviews, you’ll find that I have mentioned about the emotions and general feel of the movie wherever applicable. But sadly, MIB-3 didn’t evoke as much emotions for me to mention them in the review.

    Hope you’ll keep reading the reviews and providing me with valuable feedback from time to time so that I can improve my writing further 🙂


  2. in a review, rather than giving away the story, however briefly that might be… if possible talk about direction, cinematography, the emotions its wells up.. the role played by actors, use of props (machines, sci fi, everything). specific mentions from the script gives away the story, and thus lesser the chances of more ppl reading ur review.. as everyone wants to experience the movie first hand…

    my first comment on ur blog may sound rude n straight from the gut… but take it as healthy criticism…

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