Movie Review – Ishaqzaade (2012)

Year of Release: 2012

*ing: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Gauhar Khan

Verdict: 2.5/5


After the astounding and surprising success of Paan Singh Tomar, it seems like Bollywood has taken fancy to the “small-town” stories.

Ishaqzaade is set in a small fictional town called Almor in UP. It’s the story of the hateful vengeance and subsequent love of two kids born in warring political families. And to throw in even more complications, they belong to different religions – Muslim & Hindu. Lo and behold! We have a recipe ready for fireworks and impending disaster.

Zoya (Parineeti Chopra) is a feisty young lady belonging to the Qureshi clan, who harbors the dream of becoming an MLA of Almor. And on the other side we have Parma (Arjun Kapoor), a rowdy fellow with devil-may-care attitude from the Chauhan clan, who does everything in his power to impress his MLA grandfather. With the elections drawing close, both the sides are busy campaigning and even busier maligning each others’ images. And our two youngsters aren’t far behind in the promotional race.

But soon we are taken from the barren land of hate and politics between the families to the beautiful sun-kissed locales of love and romance of Zoya and Parma. In case you’re wondering whatever happened to all the hatred, looks like a public slap and humiliation is all you need to love somebody, especially if you’re a twisted character like Parma. The slap acted as a catalyst in the chemical equation that led the lead pair loving each other with as much passion as they hated each other with. Yeah! I was surprised at the ease of it all too.

A whirlwind romance later we get to experience a twist in the tale, which will totally catch you unawares. The second half is a bit slower than the first (but isn’t that so with almost all the movies that have released lately?). The second instalment of the film takes us from emotions like grief and betrayal to ones like love, happiness and even more betrayal.

The story is predictable but the treatment of it isn’t. We have seen numerous movies on a similar subject, and this one surely won’t go down in history, but I’d certainly have to give it points for making an effort. Some scenes will elicit “what the what?” response from the audience and some other scenes, like the love-making scene, are stretched unnecessarily. But the movie did manage to get the finer nuances of a small town in UP right (like using guns as toys, the drinking, the dancing etc.). The songs are nice and are already popular; Amit Trivedi sure is someone to look out for.

Parineeti Chopra has once again proved that she isn’t just another pretty face; looks like Ladies vs. Ricky Behl wasn’t a fluke. She portrays even the smallest of emotions with ease. Though we are yet to see how she would fare in more serious roles but then it’s easy to forget that she’s just two films old. She acts well, looks great and unlike her cousin isn’t fake or overacts which lends her a very girl next door-ish quality. No wonder the guys are already swooning over her.

Arjun Kapoor, the supposed star of the film, makes his debut with this movie. Though he isn’t as versatile as the leading lady, he isn’t too bad either. He pulls the rowdy goon look and mannerisms with aplomb though you’re certainly left with a feeling that he could’ve done better. Gauhar Khan in a supporting role is okay and wouldn’t have been missed had she not been there. Though she certainly rocks the item songs!

This movie is time pass at best with a little sloppy and preachy ending. But with social issues being the flavor of the season (read Satyameva Jayate), this movie will surely get decent collections.



  • Parineeti Chopra got a bad viral attack while shooting in Lucknow. The doctors advised her not to shoot for at least three days due to severe weakness. But she insisted to shoot as she knew there were location availability issues. At last, Parineeti like a true professional finished all her shots for the day and only then went back to her hotel to rest.
  • There was a string of 5 days when shooting could not start on time due to excessive fog and bad light. The entire unit would reach the set on time as per the call-sheets, get ready and then wait. Quite a few of the unit members would channel their energies into cricket, others would break into songs. The fog delayed the shoot but brought the unit-members closer.
  • It was a joke on set that Habib Faisal‘s favorite on the set was Pradeep, who was playing Banwra, an accompanist in Chand Baby’s entourage. Whenever he was in frame with Arjun, Parineeti or Gauahar, Habib would first brief him, and then the rest. Also on the dinner table, Habib would be constantly talking about Banwra. Arjun would jokingly act very upset about this.
  • Arjun Kapoor had a love hate relationship with his bike in the movie. Habib Faisal wanted a Yezdi to be his character’s bike in the film. As Yezdi is an old bike, two replica bikes were searched for from all over Lucknow and matched with the original. Co-incidentally and for some strange reason, all the three bikes would act temperamental at the time of shooting. Arjun started hating the bike and was irritated with its tantrums. But towards the end of the shoot he fell so in love with the bike that he would be found riding it between shots just for the fun of it.
  • While performing a running sequence in Barabanki in UP, Arjun Kapoor suffered a very serious spasm in his hamstring muscle which caused him great pain. However, in spite of the severe pain the actor finished the shot in a jiffy after just five minutes of rest.
  • During the shoots of one of the songs titled ‘Chokra’, the temperature in Barabanki in UP dipped drastically.
    Actor Arjun Kapoor was to wear a wet vest and Gauahar Khan a tiny blouse. Everybody was worried as to whether they would be able to manage. But ultimately the duo completed the shoot on time and received a standing ovation from the unit.
  • The film was originally titled Tewar, which means attitude in Hindi. But, later the filmmakers decided to change it to Ishaqzaade to bring in the element of love story in the title, also.

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