6 Things you can learn from Bollywood

Bollywood may be the second biggest movie churning industry after Hollywood but when it comes to the optimistic art  of viewing the glass as ‘half full’, we beat ‘firangi-wood’ hands down.

Read on to know what we, the “mango mans”, can learn from our desi movie world.

  • Perseverance – Perseverance is an important quality needed to succeed in any sphere of life. And who exhibits this quality better than our filmy heroes. They stand up, perform stunts & finish their carefully practiced dialogues even when hit with a bullet (or two) or stabbed with a knife. And if the hero is so persistent, how can their “little soldiers” be left behind. They struggle and persevere, so much so that the “aulad” (progeny) of our hero is the exact replica of the father, sans the grey hair of course (And you thought it was the same person playing two roles. Sheesh!).
  • The Power of Positive Belief – In the best-selling novel – ‘Secret’, Rhonda Byrne says that if you want something with all your heart, the whole universe conspires for you to achieve it. No wait! It was Paulo Coelho instead in the ‘Alchemist’. Oh drat! Now I remember, these legendary lines were professed by none other than our very own Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om. And boy did it work like a charm in the movie! There are many Bollywood celebrities who took this lesson to heart and practice the art of positive thinking with a vengeance. One such gentleman is Sajid Khan. He sends positive vibes to the universe and throws success parties even before his films become successful (eg. – Housefull). Lo and behold, his ‘house’ was certainly ‘full’ for the party. It doesn’t count if the theaters weren’t!
  • Magic of Creative Thinking – The art of creative thinking is called as “taapna” in the filmi parlance. Our filmmakers do not “copy” ideas if that’s what you thought. They merely take “inspiration” from a lot of different sources. Mixing and matching is what creativity is all about silly! So from now on don’t cry foul if you see a scene / poster / dialogue / stunt / script “inspired” from another movie that you might have seen. Instead laud Bollywood for teaching you an important lesson in creativity.
  • Impossible is nothing but I M Possible – While watching a movie have you ever caught yourself wondering about the practicality and logicality of a scene? Well, the word impossible doesn’t exist in B-town’s dictionary. Just like an actress can change costumes every two minutes, just like an actor can perform death/gravity/logic defying stunts, just like the characters can teleport themselves from India to Switzerland for a 2 minute song sequence; even you can do the impossible, because impossible is nothing!
  • Always Reinvent yourself – Just when you think you have exhausted yourself, that you do not have any more of yourself to give to this world; reinvent yourself. Be like the Phoenix bird which burnt itself only to rise again from its ashes. Bollywood has exhibited this talent over and over again. Just when the viewers thought filmmakers had nothing left to be “inspired” of, they dug into their own pasts and reinvented. We can see these reinventions in the form of several remakes, of course of the earlier “inspired” movies. Watch, observe, learn.
  • Friendship – Last but not the least, the most important lesson our film industry teaches us is valuing the beautiful bond of friendship. You can often hear the stars using the phrase “just good friends”, and with so many “just good friends” in the industry you can surely at the least maintain a few. Friendship is the bond that always helps you, through thick and thin; success and failure. Just like Salman helped his “just good friends” Katrina/Zarine/Aishwarya/etc.

What did you say now? Cat fights? Actor rivalries? Oh they are just figments of media’s imagination!


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