Movie Review – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011)

Year of Release: 2011

Stars: Imraan Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar

Verdict: 2.5/5


If only real life was like a movie; parents would be stupid, ridiculous plans would be brilliant and workable, arranged marriages would be a child’s play and all men & women would be absolutely hot. But real life is real life and that’s why we need movies to take us into that faraway land where everything is hunky dory.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan opens with Ali Zafar (Luv) breaking up with his girlfriend (Piyali) in London and then immediately calling his Asst. Director brother (Imraan Khan – Kush) in Mumbai to find a nice Indian girl for him to settle down. Next we see Kush meeting girls for his London returned brother and the comic drama that ensues (anybody remember Namaste London??). With double meaning jokes, several clichés and funny situations the movie makes you laugh. So far so good!

Enter Katrina Kaif (Dimple), a London returned desi. She lends a lot of sex appeal and style to the movie but when it comes to acting she puts nothing on the table or rather puts too much. With her over-acting some of the finest over-actors can be put to shame. But this doesn’t take away the fact that she is a perfect eye-candy and guys who love Katrina can watch the movie just to drool over her.

Anyway, what happens next is that Luv & Dimple say yes to each other and their marriage is fixed. The marriage preparations start and Kush is the one who takes Dimple out for all the shopping and takes the responsibility of making her live her life to the fullest before she gets married. And predictably, as given away by the title, both of them fall in love with each other and just so that the story can complete 3 hours, all this happens after Dimple & Luv get engaged.

What follows is a series of plans and plots to make Luv voluntarily get out of the marriage so that Kush & Dimple can get married.

As you can see the story isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before and cannot predict. But the movie manages to entertain you with its light-hearted jokes, funny situations, hummable songs and good looking leading actors.

The guy who plays Katrina’s brother Ajju will definitely get you to your wits end. Imraan though has done a good job & so have his side-kicks and Ali Zafar.

The only issues are the far-fetched story & some impractical plans. But go watch it if you want to see a light-hearted time pass movie on the weekend. Not as good as you would expect but not as bad either. Just a feel-good flick!


  • Katrina took 25 takes to get the scene where she slaps Imraan right.
  • Imraan’s great uncle, Nasir Hussain is from Dehradun (where a part of the movie is shot) and so is his wife Avantika’s maternal family.
  • As soon as fans heard that Katrina was shooting for DHUNKI at Agra Fort, a crowd of 1000 plus gathered within a few minutes! All the crowd and mob shots shown in the song are authentic – the only way Katrina could safely leave the venue at the end of the shoot was when a team of police was called to escort her out and take her away in a police van.
  • The Title Song of the movie is shot widely across India including Mumbai, New Delhi and Dehradun.
  • CHOOMANTAR was shot all over Delhi and a fun sequence was shot in the VIP area of South Delhi with Katrina riding an open rickshaw without support. A number of VIPs stopped in their tracks when they saw Imran and Katrina going wild and crazy while shooting for the song.
  • Ali Zafar taught Katrina to play the guitar while shooting for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.
  • In a very important scene, Katrina had to slap Imran who insisted that she must genuinely slap him to make the scene look real. In the pursuit of the perfect take, Imran got slapped a dozen times and was left with a puffy red cheek. At the end of it all Katrina very sweetly got him a box of chocolates as she felt responsible.
  • In a funny and quirky scene between Imran and Katrina, director Ali Abbas found something amiss. He decided to add a gun as a fun and interesting element to the scene but while shooting, Imran accidentally hit the gun on Katrina’s nose and her nose started bleeding. Katrina was a very good sport about it all and continued shooting after she took a quick break in order to regain herself.
  • A huge crowd of Imran and Katrina’s fans and locals gathered outside the Pataudi Palace as soon as they got to know the actors were shooting there for MBKD. One particular scene by the palace pool required the actors to be quiet and serious but the crowds were a huge distraction and kept yelling out to Imran and Katrina – some people even started throwing stones to attract the attention of the actors. But Imran and Katrina remained focused and shot this moving scene beautifully.
  • Massive crowds appeared to watch Imran Khan shoot at Dehradun Railway Station. The public was uncontrollable and went wild – they only relented when Imran  took the mike and requested everyone to be quiet in order for the crew to be able to shoot.

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