Movie Review – Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011)

This movie is a prime example of the power of positive word of mouth on social media. The movie didn’t quite get rave reviews from the professional critic circuit when it opened. But as more and more people discovered the movie, the social media was abuzz with people calling it a must watch.

And well they weren’t wrong either.

This movie depicts the sorry case of guys at the hands of evil, bitching and mostly scheming girls. It’s the story of 3 guys (Nishant aka Liquid, Vicky aka Chaudhary & Rajat aka Rajjo). Liquid is highly frustrated with his nowhere leading job and his inability to ‘patao’ girls. Chaudhary is the cool one of the trio who plays the guitar, sports funky looking hairdo and considers it cool & even normal to lounge around in his underwear for most part of the movie (which is really difficult to fathom). And as for Rajjo aka Rajat he has no specific character sketch until a woman comes into his life. It is then that his character starts taking shape and a good shape at that 🙂

The movie starts with Liquid mouthing filthy dialogues peppered with abusive words but which make sense once you realize that it’s the frustration of the guy that is actually being shown. The 3 guys break into a song “Life sahi hai, Tension nahi hai” depicting their single & free status.

And voila, just like the saas-bahu serials cannot take even 2 minutes of happiness, the vamps enter the scene. There is a girl for each of the guy and soon all 3 of them discover the joys of being with a woman. As Rajjo says, it makes them feel alive. But like all the good things, the honeymoon period soon gets over and that is when the REAL fun begins.

Liquid soon discovers that the woman he was considering to be his future Mrs. Liquid was just using him to get her work done in office, using all the help that she needed while keeping her boyfriend. Despite realizing that he has become just a “good friend” and a personal valet to the lady, Liquid still goes out of the way to help her and in the process become a doormat.

Chaudhary also isn’t faring any better as he realizes that his modern & forward sort of girlfriend has her feet in two separate boats. She enjoys being with him while keeping her boyfriend of 5-years in the sly.

And the funniest and the most amazing track is that of Rajjo and his live-in relationship girlfriend Neha. The dialogues and the situations have been scripted so beautifully that your heart actually goes out to Rajat. He is portrayed as the poor guy who does everything but is still blamed for doing nothing by his girlfriend. Neha hs been shown as the epitome of how a female mind works. They say it for a reason why it’s impossible to understand a woman. She makes sure that no matter what the situation or whoever’s mistake it is, she always ends up winning the arguments and has her way in the relationship. And Nushrat Bharucha (Neha) has brilliantly played the character and totally fits the bill.

The story unfolds beautifully and every person who has ever been in a relationship or hasn’t but has had an argument with a woman can totally relate to it. The script writer has done a commendable job writing all the dialogues since even females who have been portrayed as the enemies can relate to them and that, mind you is no small feat.

The only thing that doesn’t go down well is the extreme negative light in which females are shown. Their point of view and their side of the story hasn’t been shown at all but I guess that kind of works in the movies favor. The wife & girlfriend jokes have always been in and the situations created give the movie a full chance to capitalize on them.

If a movie were to be made about the girl’s side of the same story, am sure everybody would sympathize with them too. Though it wouldn’t be as funny.

The best dialogue/part of the film definitely has to be the long dialogue delivered by Rajjo when he comes back to his bachelor pad after a fight with Neha. Every single person can relate to it.

The only thing that didn’t work for the movie were the actors with their shoddy acting skills, Vicky wearing an underwear all the time in front of his buddies (I am sure most of the guys couldn’t relate to it either), the gay-ish scenes between Liquid & Rajjo and somewhat extreme behavior and meanness of Charu (Liquid’s advantage taker).

Totally go for the movie but not for the acting prowess or amazing songs or anything else but solely for the content and the dialogues as that is the only thing that will keep you glued for the entire 2.5 hours.

P.S. – If you liked the movie, you would enjoy watching a sitcom called ‘Coupling’. It is a British sitcom that shows how a same event is viewed differently from a guy’s and a girl’s perspective. Hilarious it is!


  • IMDB Rating – 8/10
  • Director Luv Ranjan, who was on the look out for an actor (san a starry face) to play the lead role, discovered newbie Karthik on the social networking site Facebook.
  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama will make a record of sorts by launching six newcomers, a debutant producer and a first time director.
  • In the initial scene when Nishant is angry & all three start for a dhaba on Vikrant‘s bike but while returning they are seen to be climbing the jeep.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011)

  1. “Vicky wearing an underwear all the time in front of his buddies (I am sure most of the guys couldn’t relate to it either),”
    Clearly you have never seen a boys hostel! 🙂 I have had roommates who lounged around nude when the laundry was not done! And sometimes even showered together “to save time”. I was shocked too when I first left home and moved in with guys in a shared apartment. But one week and all sharam-waram goes away!

    “the gay-ish scenes between Liquid & Rajjo”
    Dont think there was anything “gay”. Just normal horseplay.

  2. So I’ve been told by many guys after I wrote the review 😛

    I was under the impression that it wasn’t as common as shown in the movie…but apart from that, the movie is just too good 🙂

  3. I loved the movie 🙂

    The gayish scene, people in their underwears all the time…that happens among guys…nothing abnormal, I can assure you 🙂

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