Movie Review – Dear Frankie (2004)

This is a beautiful and a heartwarming tale of a deaf boy and his yearning & quest for his father.

Frankie is a deaf 9 year old boy who lives with his mother & grandmother and frequently shifts places. He has been told by his mother that his father is a sailor and keeps away at sea mostly and that is why he is unable to see or visit him. Though she encourages him to write letters to his father which are duly answered.

But here is where a shocking revelation is made. Those letters are answered by none other than his mother since the truth is far from beautiful to be told to Frankie. But when Frankie becomes hell bent on meeting his father, then the story takes a turn and Gerard Butler enters.

The movie beautifully captures the sense & sensibility of the young boy and explores his love for his mother while keeping his yearning for his father alive. It also shows a single mother’s love, dedication & struggle to raise a child without a father figure and how it affects her personal life which has been amazingly portrayed by Emily Mortimer.

This movie will surely make you moist-eyed. It ends on a happy note but not as happy as you’d like it to be.

Initially difficult to grasp due to the heavy Scottish accent but 10-15 minutes into the movie and you get a hang of it.

Definitely worth a watch, Frankie will surely steal your heart 🙂


  • IMDB Rating – 7.9/10
  • Jack McElhone (Frankie) is not deaf but worked with a speech coach so that his one spoken line would sound correct.
  • The song that plays while Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) is sitting on a bench crying after a fruitless attempt to find a “daddy” for Frankie, is written by one of the most famous contemporary Estonian composer – Arvo Pärt.
  • Gerard Butler does not have a character name in the movie and is known as ‘The Stranger’.

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